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Our Staff Provides HOA & Office Condominium Management Services to Raleigh & Beyond

Unlike other HOA management companies in the Raleigh-Durham area, when you call the Charleston Management Corporation, you’ll speak to a highly-trained and motivated staff member. That means no more automated messages or having to push 10 buttons to reach a live person! Our Client Services staff has resources to assist callers at their initial point of contact.

At Charleston Management, we strive to provide the best association management services available in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Our staff is comprised of association managers, billing and administrative support specialists, and more! We have one of the longest tenured and most experienced staffs in the market – and it shows!

We believe that our business is only as good as the people composing it, which is why we’re proud to introduce you to our knowledgeable and professional staff.


Brian Wessler, CMCA®


Operations, Managers, Sales

Tenure: April 5, 1993, Charleston’s inception

Carol Wessler


Accounting Director, Human Resources

Tenure: April 5, 1993, Charleston’s inception


Managers – Community Division

Matoka Snuggs, CMCA®

Senior Community Manager

Tenure: September 1996

Dawn-Lynn Crawford, PCAM®, AMS®, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: November 2004

Chelsea Toledo

Community Manager

Tenure: August 2017

Lori Lanham, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: February 2019

Trish Cates, AMS®, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: August 2019

TR O’Neill, PCAM®, AMS®, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: March 2023

Leslee Torres

Association Transition Administrator

Tenure: July 2006



Melissa Jenkins, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: August 2005

Katie Kushner, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: May 2010

Danielle Lyons, AMS®, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: July 2022

Yanisa Thornley, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: August 2022

Jim Sharp, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: October 2022

Teri Chester

Community Manager

Tenure: October 2022





Managers – Developer Division

Sarah Dooley, CMCA®

Senior Manager

Tenure: June 2001

Jeania Schaper, PCAM®

Community Manager, Client Relations,

Staff Development

Tenure: September 2005

Rachael Westbrook

Support Manager

Tenure: October 2019

Lezia Norman 

Support Manager

Tenure: November 2021


Lori Lanham, CMCA®

Community Manager

Tenure: February 2019



Anna Jenkins

Accounts Payable

Tenure: March 2018

Leigh Berry


Tenure: June 2001

Mairi Warren


Tenure: August 2016

Meredith Bagwell

Accounts Receivable

Tenure: May 2006

Carley Turner

Accounts Receivable

Tenure: May 2018

Anna Ellis

Accounts Payable

Tenure: August 2020


Client Service Administrators

Stephanie Parrish

Tenure: July 2011

 Susie Harding 

Tenure: June 2019

Caroline McCabe

Tenure: February 2023

Liza Smigielski

Architectural Application Processor

Tenure: May 2021 



Kim Comire

Tenure: May 2018

Brittany Albin

Tenure: July 2023

Piper Pope

Architectural Application Processor 

Tenure: August 2021

Kim Wright

Termite & Playground Inspections Coordinator

Tenure: July 2000



 Charleston Management offers a comprehensive range of community management services streamlined to meet your needs in Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Morrisville, Fayetteville and beyond! Contact us for a consultation.
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